Wireless Home Services

Elevate your digital way of life on the new PS Wireless Network
PS Wireless is an affordable replacement solution to DSL, cable or satellite high speed internet. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect plan for you.

Peace of Mind – Worry Free Data Overage Protection
Our unlimited plans offer you the Peace of Mind knowing that you are protected from unexpected overage charges, and ensures that you always have access to the internet. 

LTE device to connect to service included
Monthly Equipment fee for device required. PS Wireless owns the device and in the even it becomes faulty and/or stop working, we will provide you a replace device at no charge*. Service call additional.

*Some limitations apply.

Unlimited Home Phone Service
Tired of being restricted by long distance and cable companies fees for phone calls? With no additional contracts and agreements let us help you elevate your voice on the PS Wireless Network. The Public Service family has been in the phone business for over 100 years. With features like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and more, there is no better time to switch to the all-new PS Wireless Network!

Our Mission is to bring the latest technology to rural areas of Central Georgia, as is customary to our long-standing heritage while offering our customers affordable prices with exceptional customer service. 

Upgrade Your Home with the PS Wireless Network.
Looking to build out your smart home? Then let us help you upgrade your home.

Security cameras are a great way to provide protection for your home or workplace. As well as,  providing you with video history of all events, they also act as a deterrent to criminals. FCN offers a wide section of business or home security cameras designed to suit your security monitoring needs and your budget. All of our home surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Allowing you to check in on your home or monitor staff at work wherever you are. Protect what matters to you with a FCN business and home surveillance camera.


Wireless Home Internet

Your way on the all-new PS Wireless Network!


Do you worry about how to maintain your network when your Primary Internet goes out? PS Wireless has the solution to keep your network connected even when your primary internet has an outage. Call our knowledgeable PS Wireless Team at (478) 847-6760 to learn more about our Network Failover Plan.


Choose the plan that best suits your lifestyle. Whether casually surfing the internet, sending important e-mails or defeating your enemies while gaming! PS Wireless has the perfect plan for you.

Smart Home Systems

Upgrade your home on the PS Wireless Network!

Protection for today’s life. At home & on the go.

The PS Wireless Team is always looking for ways to help protect our customer’s privacy and data as they use our Internet service. That’s why we are proud to provide this exceptional service to you!

Tech Home is a complete technology solution for your online safety. It’s easy to set-up, use, connect, protect, service, and enjoy on your networked devices… anytime, anywhere.

    Additional Tech Home Features
    • Bloatware Scanning and Removal
    • Anti-phishing/safe surfing
    • Parental controls
    • Password keeper
    • Unlimited virus removals